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These Meetoo accounts are for University staff only. Students do not need an account, to access a Meetoo session, and join the voting or discussion, they can go to the MySouthampton app or to and enter the 9-digit meeting ID. 

What is Meetoo?

Meetoo is the University of Southampton’s centrally supported student response system, allowing staff to create engaging classes through real time polling and live discussion. Students access Meetoo via their smartphones, tablets or laptop, and staff via a web dashboard and PowerPoint. Meetoo licenses, covering up to 1500 students per class, are available to all educational staff. 


Why Meetoo?

Meetoo is fun, inclusive and effective. The live discussion and Q&A along with real-time polling features help create an engaging learning environment and support active learning practices. With anonymous profiling all students feel happier to get involved in asking and answering questions. This helps you understand knowledge gaps and comprehension but also increase students’ knowledge retention. To learn more about Meetoo in Education watch these webinars


How do I get access to Meetoo?

To get your Meetoo Plan complete the form; your account details will then be emailed to you within 1 business day. You will then be able to start creating your Meetoo sessions. Although you will control Meetoo via the web dashboard, of which details will be sent to you, you can also install a simple to use PowerPoint Add-in to run your polls direct from PowerPoint. To find out more about installation recommendations check here.


What if I already have an account?

If you have already been set up with access to the University of Southampton's Meetoo account there is no need to complete this form. Just go to your web browser and enter Your username will be your email address and your password will be as you defined. If you have any problems accessing your account please contact us at


What help is available?

Meetoo also has plenty of online resources such as our Help Guide with instructions available to help you, our You Tube channel with video tutorials, our weekly live training and webinars but also our website resources for case studies, guides and content. Please also check the Southampton website for further guidance.

The University has a Student Response System special interest group which meets regularly to offer support and share good practice. 

If any further support is required don't hesitate to contact us at or alternatively contact The Digital Learning Team on